Rules and Regulations for entries in the Competitions March 1, 2014 Entries in the competitions must be brought to Pinellas Park Performing Arts Center, 4951 78th Ave. N. Pinellas Park, on  Monday, March 17th or Tuesday, March 18th 2014,  from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm.  Judging will be Wednesday, March 17, 2014

Late entries will be accepted only with special permission.

Entries must be left on display until Fair closing, Sunday, 10 PM--March 23,2014.

Items must be picked up on Monday, March 24, 2014 from 10 am until 7:00



1.   Judging will be done by the most qualified judges available.

2.   Each entry will be judged fairly on its own merit, using the Danish Judging System.

3.   The names of the exhibitors are concealed during judging so each entry will be judged fairly on its own merit.

4.   The entry of only one item in a division does not necessarily guarantee the top award for that entry

5.   No one other than the committee members, volunteers and judge will be allowed to remain in the building during judging.

6.   No results will be given over the phone



Design__60%  Form, Balance, Weight, Proportion, Uniform Wall Thickness.

Finish  ---40%   Lack of tool marks scratches, etc and appropriate finish material.  Judges reserve the right to decide proper classification.

The decision of the judge is final.



A.  All entered items submitted must have been completed with in the last 2 years.  Work must be

      that of crafter exhibiting.

B.  No more than two items per class per exhibitor.

C.  Entered items may be offered for sale at the option of the exhibitor, however, all entered items must remain intact until Monday, March 24, 2014.


CLASS   153

 (HOLLOW VESSEL)   Definition—Hollow vessel—a form with a top opening smaller  than the

 width, containing substantial “hollow area”  VASE—a hollow vessel highter than wide.

Lot  1.  Standard hollow vessel or vase—may contain decoration while turning on the lathe (i.e. coves,  beads, surface texture.

Lot  2. Embellished hollow vessel or vase—carved, fluted, wood burned, inlay, colored, etc.

(BOWL)  Definition, Bowl-top opening larger than the base, exposing the interior to view   (Wider than high)

Lot  3.  Standard bowl – May contain decoration applied while turning on the lathe (i.e. coves,  beads, surfact texture)

Lot  4.  Embellished bowl—Carved, fluted, wood burned, inlay, colored etc.

(PLATE/PLATTER)  Definition, Plate/platter –a form substantially wider than high with the surface open to view.

Lot  5.  Standard plate/platter – may contain decoration while turning on the lathe (i.e. Coves, beads, surface texture

Lot  6.  Embellished plate/platter—carved, fluted, wood burned, inlay, colored, etc.

 (SPINDEL)  Definition- Spindle- primarilyturned between centers with grain parallel to bed of lather

Lot  7.  ALL SPINDLE – Primalily turned b/t centers, grain paralled to bed of lathe



Lot  9.  ALL SEGMENTED or constructed, pieced together and turned with one or more woods (i.e.  Maple/walnut

Lot 10.  OTHER THAN WOOD at least 50% othermaterial (alabaster, plastics, metal spinning, soapstone, and combinations of above)

Lot 11.  MINEATURE,  no dimension exceeding two (2) inches.

Lot 12.  ALL ORNAMENTAL (done with an ornamental type lathe)

Lot 13  LIDDED CONTAINER  no dimension over 4”

Lot 14.  LIDDED CONTAINER  any dimension over 4”

Lot 15.  OTHER  jewelry, toys, pens, Christmas  ornaments, utensils, constructed multiple turnings, resulting in spinning wheels, ships, wheel clocks, candelabra, reassembled turnings, wood or non-woods acceptable, however, 50% of project must be turned.