Put your best foot forward




Enter the dance competition

Hip-Hop to Classical Ballet….Ballroom to Clogging….Hoofing

to Broadway Jazz….Any Style

1.    Five or more dancers make a group

2.    Five Minute time slots

3.    Age groups:

                           Elementary grades 1-5

                           Middle School grades 6-8

                           High School grades 9 -12

                           Special Needs all ages

                           Young Adult ages 19-49

                           Seniors Ages 50 & up

4.   Judging:

                           Originality of Theme

                           Stage Presence

                           Performance quality

                           Technical level

5.   Stage size       20  x  30

6.   Music play on professional equipment. Professional lighting and sound technicians on site. Professional MC

7.   Male and Female Dressing room & rest room tent next to the stage.

8.   Props allowed with prior permission.

9.   Costumes are encouraged but not required.

10. Free bleacher seating.