Rules and Regulations for entries in the Competitions March 1, 2014 Entries in the competitions must be brought to Pinellas Park Performing Arts Center, 4951 78th Ave. N. Pinellas Park, on  Monday, March 17th or Tuesday, March 18th 2014,  from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm.  Judging will be Wednesday, March 17, 2014

Late entries will be accepted only with special permission.

Entries must be left on display until Fair closing, Sunday, 10 PM--March 23,2014.

Items must be picked up on Monday, March 24, 2014 from 10 am until 7:00



1.   Judging will be done by the most qualified judges available.

2.   Each entry will be judged fairly on its own merit, using the Danish Judging System.

3.   The names of the exhibitors are concealed during judging so each entry will be judged fairly on its own merit.

4.   The entry of only one item in a division does not necessarily guarantee the top award for that entry

5.   No one other than the committee members, volunteers and judge will be allowed to remain in the building during judging.

6.   No results will be given over the phone



Please download an Entry Form and have it filled out prior to arriving at the Fair Complex for expedited entry processing.




RULES OF ENTRY –  Adults and Youth

A. The Arts and Crafts General Entry Information and Open Class General Rules apply in the Photography section (see separate listings).

B. Exhibitor’s name must be securely fastened to the article exhibited with provided entry tag. Address labels work great on the entry forms and tags.

C. Number of Entries: Individuals are limited to 1 entry per lot.  Limit of 4 entries per class.

D. Entry sizes will not be smaller than 5" x 7" or larger than 11" x 14" except where noted.

E. All photos must be securely mounted (glued) on rigid material such as poster board or foam core. Mats are optional.

F. Entries in frames, with glass or clips will not be accepted.

G. Photographs must have been taken by the individual. Actual film processing and printing may have been done by others.

H. Entries in the

Pinellas County lots also require the photo location on the entry tag.

I. Best of Show Rosettes will be awarded to an overall Amateur and an overall Professional winner in Photography.

J. The Greater Pinellas Country Fair will make every effort to display all entries.

K. Judging Criteria for Adults & Youth: Composition, Appeal, Impact, Technical Quality & Presentation

L. Premiums: 1st BLUE RIBBON      2nd  RED RIBBON          3rd GOLD RIBBON

M. Entry forms must be registered in Greater Pinellas County Fair office by March 1, 2014

     Entries received  after March 1, 2014  will be subject to space availability.





Class Descriptions





Lot # Description

Lot  1. Landscape – All the visible features of an area of countryside or land, often considered in terms of their visual and aesthetic appeal.

Lot  2. Waterscape- A landscape where an expanse of water is the dominant feature.

Lot  3. Pinellas County Landscape or Waterscape- All the visible features of an area of countryside, land, or expanse of water that can be readily identifiable as being in Pinellas County.

Lot  4. Sunrise/Sunset- The colors and light visible in the sky on an occasion of the sun’s first or last appearance in the morning or the evening: considered as a view or spectacle.

Lot  5. "Life in Pinellas County” - People engaged in activities that are identifiable as happening in Pinellas County.

Lot  6. Flowers/Plants- Images of flowers and plants in nature, close-up, gardens and being the dominant subject of the photograph.

Lot  7. Animals: Pets - A domestic or tamed animal or bird kept for pleasure or companionship and treated with

care and affection.

Lot  8. Animals: Wildlife- Animals living in nature that are not domesticated, tame, or living in enclosed areas.

Lot  9. Portrait: Adult- A posed photograph of a person, one depicting the face, head & shoulders or full figure.

Lot10. Portrait: Child- A posed photograph of a person, one depicting the face, head & shoulders or full figure.

Lot11. Candid: Adult or Child: A photograph of an adult or child taken informally without the subject’s knowledge.

Lot12. Industrial- Relating to or characterized by industry.

Lot13. Barns, bridges, buildings or other structures

Lot14. Abstract- A photograph that does not attempt to represent external, recognizable reality but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and texture.

Lot15. Patterns and Textures- Patterns and textures are found everywhere in the manmade and natural world. In photography, patterns repeat themselves as much in the natural world as they do in the manmade world. Texture is the feel, appearance, or consistency of an object or substance.

Lot16. Still Life- Relating to photography, a still life could be a single item or arrangement of objects that shows careful attention to placement of object(s) and interplay of light. Many times sharpness is a factor.

Lot17. Humor- a photograph depicting lightheartedness, laughter, or amusement

Lot18. Action: In photography, action photography generally means freezing action by using fast shutter-speeds or using slower shutter-speeds to blur or make action move.

Lot19. Computer Altered Images (must show original). Both Photos combined cannot exceed 12" x 16"

Lot20. Photos taken with a Cell Phone – Must list phone make and where photo was taken. Print must be at least 4”x6” in size.

Lot21. Other than classified

Lot22. Judge’s Choice/Overall Color: Judge’s choice for the best color image entered from any classification or category.

Lot23. Judge’s Choice/Overall BW: Judges choice for the best BW image entered from any classification or category.