1.   Each entrant will receive an admission pass to the Greater Pinellas Country Fair.

2.   Exhibiting is open to all residents of Pinellas County.

3.   All entered items must be the handiwork of the exhibitor and must have been completed after

      January 1, 2013.

4.   There is no entry fee for Youth in any division for Competition.  Some Contests may have entry fees.

5.    Eligible items entered must have been pre-registered and entered during scheduled department entry


6.    Every article must correspond to the number and description in the premium list. No entry or

       registration changes are permitted after judge sheets have been prepared, except at the judge’s


7.   No article or animal will be assigned a place on the grounds until after entry form is made.

8.   Please make a copy of your entry form to keep with you at all times.

9.   Each exhibitor will receive only one exhibitor number.

10. All entries except Horticulture will be delivered to the Pinellas Park Performing Arts Center at their

      designated day and time.

11.  Every entry must be secured with identification tags and exhibitor number.

12.  Exhibitors must remove exhibits within designated release times.

13.  No exhibits may be removed before the end time of the Fair.

14.  No person who attends the greater Pinellas Country Fair shall have in his/her possessions any

       controlled substances or alcoholic liquor, which includes any substance described by law.  Not allowed

       in the parking lot or camping or storage area.

15.  Every precaution will be taken to protect exhibits:  However the Greater Pinellas Country Fair Authority,

        its officers and agents are not responsible for any accident, loss or damage.

16.  All protests must be made in writing and accompanied by a deposit of $20.00 which will be forfeited if

       the protest is not sustained: However, if it is ascertained that any exhibitor has made a false statement

        concerning the entered item all premiums awarded to the entered item shall be forfeited

17.  Exhibitor may submit as many entered items in each division as they would like but only one item per




1.   Judging will be done by the most qualified judges available.

2.   Each entry will be judged fairly on its own merit, using the Danish Judging System.

3.   The names of the exhibitors are concealed during judging so each entry will be judged fairly on its own merit.

4.   The entry of only one item in a division does not necessarily guarantee the top award for that entry

5.   No one other than the committee members, volunteers and judge will be allowed to remain in the building      during judging.

6.   No results will be given over the phone.