Greater Pinellas Country Fair                                         March 19-23, 2014

Volunteers For a Successful Fair


All Volunteers who work 8 hours will receive a FREE Admission Pass to the Fair.  It does not have to be all in one day.  Some positions are not time consuming and can be worked from your home. The more you volunteer the more perks you receive, such as food etc.

Immediate help is needed in the office and on the Computer.


We need help:


Securing sponsors for the events, contests, car shows, and fair expenses

Securing judges for the various competitions and contests

Serving on the Fair Board (requires your attendance at our monthly meeting)

Coordinating between a school and the fair office.

We also need:

 1. Chairpersons for compiling  entries  in each competition category

2. Security & information people for the Art & Textile displays in the Theater

3. Food Booth workers–Old Fashion Soda Fountain & Paul Bunyan Restaurant

4. Assist Bobby Barnes on the two entertainment stages

5. Patrol the grounds in Golf carts keeping the grounds clean & assisting  vendors

6. Selling tickets in ticket booths

7 Assist in the Horticulture, Animal, Community, Retail and Children Tents

8. Keep accounting of the volunteer hours

9. Helping with Fundraiser events or Sponsoring a Fundraiser for the Fair

10. Procuring Sponsors and/or an Event

11.  PR Firmselling ads for the fair program

12.  Keep the face book and twitter currant

13.  Research how Pinellas county has changed over the years.

14.  Working with the busses on Senior Day.


1. Beginning March 16, 2014 many volunteers will be needed for check- in of the entries submitted from

schools, senior centers, etc.  It is a really fun time, being involved in checking in the many categories and entries.

Chairman of these committees will need to start training in Jan, 2014 or earlier.


2. Information and security for the Arts and Textile entries displayed in the theater during all hours the

fair is open & to answer any questions the fairgoers have.


3. Since the Fair will be operating some of the food booths, food service workers will be needed.  One will

be an Old Fashion Soda Shop with a juke box and the other a Paul Bunyan Restaurant


4. Bobby Barnes will need volunteers to help on both stages as he is the approved person from the City

of Pinellas Park to be on the stage and in the lighting and equipment areas.


5. Patrol the grounds in Golf Carts keeping the grounds clean, empting the trash cans, bringing ice to the

food booths, and helping with any requests from vendors.


6. Ticket sellers in the booths, as there will be no cash sales on the grounds.


7. Horticulture, Animal, Community, Retail, and Children’s Tents as well as the Theater will need a committee to patrol the tents, handle any problems, answer questions and requests from the vendors.


8 . A person to keep accounting of the hours all the volunteers work


9.   Work our fundraisers!


10. Procuring Sponsors for the Fair Expenses or Sponsoring an Event such as the Children’s Tent, etc


11. We will pay commission for salespersons who obtain sponsorships and sell ads. Sponsors will remain on our website for one year, one our fair program etc (See Sponsorship section)


12.  Work the facebook for the good of the Fair.


13.  Research how farming has changed, and the kind of animals are still in Pinellas.  Research the events attractions, heritage, etc in each area.


14.  We will have either Wednesday or Thursday as Senior Day having buses from all parts of the county


The Greater Pinellas Country Fair Office is located in Park Station, 5851 Park Blvd. N.


727-800-9880    [email protected]