Rules and Regulations for entries in the Competitions March 1, 2014 Entries in the competitions must be brought to Pinellas Park Performing Arts Center, 4951 78th Ave. N. Pinellas Park, on  Monday, March 17th or Tuesday, March 18th 2014,  from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm.  Judging will be Wednesday, March 17, 2014

Late entries will be accepted only with special permission.

Entries must be left on display until Fair closing, Sunday, 10 PM--March 23,2014.

Items must be picked up on Monday, March 24, 2014 from 10 am until 7:00



1.   Judging will be done by the most qualified judges available.

2.   Each entry will be judged fairly on its own merit, using the Danish Judging System.

3.   The names of the exhibitors are concealed during judging so each entry will be judged fairly on its own merit.

4.   The entry of only one item in a division does not necessarily guarantee the top award for that entry

5.   No one other than the committee members, volunteers and judge will be allowed to remain in the building during judging.

6.   No results will be given over the phone



A.  Demensions must be included on the registration form.

B.  Only one entry per lot, with a maximum of twelve per class.

C.  Decorative painting is a diverse art form, utilizing  a variety of techniques and e=media to decorate functiona

      and non-functional surfaces.

D.  Tole Painting is the general term historically used to describe decorative  painting on tin surfaces, especially in

      New England and by the Pennsylvania Germans.

E.  Contemporary Decorative Painting encompasses not only the folk art styles of Sweden, Norway, Germany

     Russia, England, and Mexico,bt manu facets of early American decorative painting such as stenciling, faux

     funishing, abroning, gold-leafing, country painting, theorem and graining.

F.  Professions Division is for those who are professionally involved in the sale andor instructions of decorative art.


CLASS: 122

Lot  1.  Living Creature,  Oil (Realistic)

Lot  2.  Living Creature,  Acrylic (Realistic)

Lot  3.  Living Creature,  Watercolor  (Realistic)

Lot  4.  Living Creature,  Other (Realistic)

Lot  5.  Calligraphy with Painted Design, Oil

Lot  6.  Calligraphy with Painted Design, Acrylic

Lot  7.  Calligraphy with Painted Design, Watercolor

Lot  8.  Small Canvas Painted, Oil (80 Square Inches and Under- Must be Framed

Lot  9.  Miniature Canvas Painting (25 Square inches and Under  Must be Framed

Lot 10.  Small Canvas Painting,  Acrylic (80 inches & Under) Must be framed

Lot 11.  Miniature Canvas Acrylic (25 inches Square inches and Under.  Must be framed

Lot 12.  Canvas Painting. Oil (Over 80 Square inches – Must be Framed with a Wire Hanger.

Lot 13.  Canvas Painting,  Acrylic (Over 80 inches – Must be framed with a Wire Hanger

Lot 14.  Christmas, Oil

Lot 15.  Christmas, Acrylic

Lot 16.  Christmas, Watercolor

Lot 17.  Christmas, Other

Lot 18.  Fabric Painting ( Brush Work Only)

Lot 19.  Faux, Finish

Lot 20.  Floral, Oil

Lot 21.  Floral, Acrylic

Lot 22.  Floral, Watercolor

Lot 23.  Floral, Other

Lot 24.  Fruit and/or Vegetable, Oil

Lot 25.  Fruit and/or Vegetable, Acrylic

Lot 26.  Fruit and/or Vegetable, Watercolor

Lot 27.  Fruit and/or Vegetable, Other

Lot 28.  Holiday or Special Occasion, Oil

Lot 29.  Holiday or Special Occasion, Acrylic

Lot 30.  Holiday or Special Occasion, Watercolor

Lot 31.  Holiday or Special Occasion, Other

Lot 32.  Ink on Canvas

Lot 33.  Ink on Glass

Lot 34.  Ink on Paper

Lot 35.  Ink on Wood

Lot 36.  Ink- Other Serface

Lot 37.  Miscellaneous

Lot 38.  Original, Pattern Designed and Painted by Exhibitor

Lot 39.  Paper Surface

Lot 40.  People, Oil

Lot 41.  People, Acrylic

Lot 42.  People, Watercolor

Lot 43.  People, Other

Lot 44.  Scene, Oil

Lot 45.  Scene, Acrylic

Lot 46.  Scene, Watercolor

Lot 47.  Scene. Other

Lot 48.  Stenciling on Fabric

Lot 49.  Stenciling on Paper

Lot 50.  Stenciling on Wood

Lot 51.  Stenciling  on other Surface

Lot 52.  Still Life, Oil

Lot 53.  Still Life, Acrylic

Lot 54.  Still Life, Watercolor

Lot 55.  Still Life, Other

Lot 56.  Strokework, Oil (Rosemaling, Etc

Lot 57.  Strokework, Acrylic (Rosemaling, Etc.

Lot 58.  Strokework, Other (Rosemaling, Etc

Lot 59.  Silk Painting

Lot 60. Whimsical Creature, Oil

Lot 61. Whimsical Creature, Acrylic

Lot 62. Whimsical  Creature, Watercolor

Lot 63.  Whimsical Creature, Other

Lot 64.  Other, not listed