Rules and Regulations for entries in the Competitions March 1, 2014 Entries in the competitions must be brought to Pinellas Park Performing Arts Center, 4951 78th Ave. N. Pinellas Park, on  Monday, March 17th or Tuesday, March 18th 2014,  from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm.  Judging will be Wednesday, March 17, 2014

Late entries will be accepted only with special permission.

Entries must be left on display until Fair closing, Sunday, 10 PM--March 23,2014.

Items must be picked up on Monday, March 24, 2014 from 10 am until 7:00



1.   Judging will be done by the most qualified judges available.

2.   Each entry will be judged fairly on its own merit, using the Danish Judging System.

3.   The names of the exhibitors are concealed during judging so each entry will be judged fairly on its own merit.

4.   The entry of only one item in a division does not necessarily guarantee the top award for that entry

5.   No one other than the committee members, volunteers and judge will be allowed to remain in the building during judging.

6.   No results will be given over the phone



Lot  1.  Quilt,  Pieced

Lot  2.  Quilt, Pieced, Medallion, Central Design w/Borders

Lot  3.  Quilt, Appliquéd

Lot  4.  Quilt, Embroidered

Lot  5.  Quilt, Whole Cloth

Lot  6.  Quilt, Painted or Stenciled

Lot  7.   Quilt, Juvenile Theme-Full size

Lot  8    Quilt, Miniature

Lot  9.  Crib Quilt

Lot 10.  Group Quilt (By More Than One Person)

Lot 11.  Comforter or Tied Quilt

Lot 12.  Quilted Wall Hanging Unframed

Lot 13.  Senior Citizen  Quilt  any Type-  70+ years

Lot 14.  Quilted Pillow

Lot 15.  Quilted Picture

Lot 16.  Quilted Garmet

Lot 17.  T-shirt Quilt

Lot 18   Felt Quilt

Lot 19.  First Time Quilter

Lot 20.  Original Design Quilt

Lot 21   Quilt Sampler (3 sample squares mounted for display)

Lot 22   Quilt   not listed


Machine Quilted  142

Lot 25.  Quilt,  Pieced

Lot 26.  Quilt, Pieced, Medallion, Central Design  with boarders

Lot 27.  Quilt , Appliquéd

Lot 28.  Quilt,  Embroidered

Lot 29.  Quilt, Whole Cloth

Lot 30.  Quilt, Painted or Stenciled

Lot 31,  Quilt, Juvenile Theme-Full size

Lot 32.  Quilt, Miniature

Lot 33.  Crib Quilt

Lot 34.  Group Quilt (By More Than One person

Lot 35.  Comforter or Tied Quilt

Lot 36.  Quilted Wall Hanging (Unframed)

Lot 37.  Senior Citizen Quilt, any Type- 70+ age

Lot 38.  Quilted Pillow

Lot 39.  Quilted Picture

Lot 40.  Quilted Garment

Lot 41  T-shirt Quilt

Lot 42  Felt Quilt

Lot 43  First Time Quilter

Lot 44  Original Design Quilt

Lot 45  Quilt Sampler (3 sample squares mounted for display)

Lot 46.  Quilt not listed