Urban Agriculture exhibits at the Fair will highlight Pinellas County’s agricultural heritage, and create new cultural traditions. We will develop and nurture the friendly competition of county youth groups such as 4H, and school and community clubs, and provide a forum for them to showcase their livestock and crops, including chickens, rabbits, honeybees, goats, horses and more, as well as container, organic, community, vertical and hydroponic gardens.  Children and adults alike will also seek the coveted Blue Ribbon in the areas of art, baking, canning, woodworking, quilting and more.  If you would like to participate in the competitions, please click on the 'competitions' tab on this website.

URBAN AGRICULTURE  within and around our cities can provide healthy, local food that contributes to food security and helps to maintain additional green space. Agriculture was typically considered a rural activity. Today up to 15% of our food originates from within metropolitan areas. The contribution of urban agriculture to food security and healthy nutrition is important as more and more people live in cities than ever before. Urban Agriculture can be home vegetable gardens, community gardens, backyard poultry, hydroponics, community supported agriculture , fish farming, farm to school, farmer’s markets and other small scale production within a community.